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SGC-352 Starter Generator Control Unit
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The SGC 352 starter generator control unit can be used for engines with fuel injection as well as for engines with carburettors. The unit is equipped with an advanced brushless motor speed control. Communication with the engine is via hall effect sensors. Furthermore, the SGC 352 can not only be used to start the combustion engine, but also during generator mode for battery charging. In this case, the control system not only takes over the phase current control, but also the battery current and speed control.

The SGC 352 starter generator control unit can be used for all Sky Power-engines. Furthermore, the system can also be used with third-party systems.

The starter generator controller (SGC 352) is an advanced brushless motor speed controller with following features:

  • Advanced combustion engine start
  • Generator mode with battery charging
  • Trapezoidal communtation with hall sensors (BLDC)
  • Input voltage 20V-75V / 100A
  • Over current protection
  • Over/under-voltage shutdown
  • Temperature derating
  • PWM control
  • Phase current control
  • Battery current control
  • RPM control
  • CAN communication




Type starter generator control
Weight 1,1 lbs (500 gr)
Operating Voltage Max. voltage: 60V / 100 Amp

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