SP-55 series

The single cylinder engine of the SP-55 series is designed with twin spark plugs and can be equipped with a carburetor or a fuel injection. The rear output shaft and the position of the carburetor or the fuel injection on the side, make this engine to one of the most compact 1-cylinder engines on the market. Because of the rear output shaft, a generator can be mounted on the back of the engine. All fuel injected engines are equipped with the ignition HKZ215 and the ECU030.


SP-55 TS


SP-55 HF FI TS ROS (available upon customer request)

SP-55 FI TS ROS range extender for multicopter (available upon customer request)

> TS – Twin Spark, FI – Fuel Injection, HF – Heavy Fuel, ROS – Rear output shaft

General series specifications range

Type1-Cylinder Gas-Engine
Capacity55 ccm / 3.35 cu in
Power4.18 HP / 3.1 KW
Speed Range 2000 - 10000 RPM (depending on version)
WeightSP-55 TS = 2580 gramm / 5,69 lbs (incl. ignition)
SP-55 FI TS ROS = 3500 gramm / 7,72 lbs
(incl. ignition, ecu, fuel pump)
Crankshaft4 ball bearings
Oil/Gasoline ratio1:50 / 2% mix
Operating Voltage6 - 48 V DC (depending on version)
Test method: Dynotest – Engine data might change due to the engine test procedure and the engine configuration.

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