SP-180 series (Wankel engine)

The 3W International Wankel Rotary UAS Engine is a hybrid electrical engine with a compact design and an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.
Therefore, the engine allows a higher payload capability. With the hybrid-boost power, additional 15KW, depending on on-board battery capacity, are optionally available. This additional power improves take-off performance significantly.The SP-180 SRE hybrid can run with gas or Heavy Fuel (HF). 3W International offers a standard fuel injection and an optional high-pressure fuel injection (HPI).
The cooling of the engine is guaranteed by water cooling of the housing and oil cooling of the rotor (active cooling), allowing reliable operation in certain challenging environmental conditions.



SP-180 SRE Hybrid (Wankel engine)

> TS – Twin Spark, FI – Fuel Injection, HF – Heavy Fuel, ROS – Rear output shaft


Engine3W-180 SRE Hybrid
Typewankel rotary UAS engine
Weight6.8 kg/15.0 lbs
Weight with Generator9.5 kg/20.9 lbs
Power22.7 KW/30.9HP @ 6000rpm
Hybrid-Boostpoweradd. 15KW
Max-Torque36.8Nm @ 5,500rpm
Fuel consumptionless than 340g/kW @ full load
Injectionstandard mainfold injection
HPI (high pressure) injection optional
CoolingWater cooled housing & Oil Rotor cooling
(activ cooling)
StarterStartergenerator 48V-System
Test method: Dynotest – Engine data might change due to the engine test procedure and the engine configuration.

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