Engine Accessories


The ECU030 is a fuel injection system for 2- and 4-stroke engines. The universally applicable electronic fuel injection system can be used not only for petrol blends but also for HF applications. An automatic controller adapts the fuel blend to the actual air pressure and the external temperature. Four ignition channels with two separate adjustable injection nozzles ignite the fuel blend. In the process, the pump pressure is electronically regulated. An automatic choke function is also built in. All engine data can be monitored by means of a PC. The user interface is so intuitive that all settings and the maintenance of the engine can be easily carried out.

The ECU 030 consists essentially of the following functional modules:

1. Digital inputs

2. Analogue inputs

3. Switching outputs (low side) & Switching outputs (high side)


The CAN-BUS serves for communication. The following functions are controlled via the CAN-BUS:

1. Control functions such as control of the servo motors, fuel injection

2. Evaluation of the sensor signals (analogue, digital)

3. General diagnostic functions

4. Manual diagnostic functions

5. System updates

HKZ 215

The HKZ215 is a high performance ignition system which achieves considerably higher ignition performance. Thereby the overall performance of the engine is increased and the exhaust emission values are improved.

The HKZ is installed in a light and robust, nickel-plated aluminium housing. All add-on components such as connection sockets, spark plug connectors are designed for demanding areas of application. The ignition system is shielded and only has low interference radiation.

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