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3W-International GmbH offers Technical Customer Services

The new customer service of the German engine manufacturer is called 3W Engineering Services. This will not only be offered to existing and new 3W customers, but also to third-party customers and includes various service, test and measurement activities relating to engines and drive units and their further development.

Since the increased demand for complete drive units the requests to 3W-International GmbH for individual services has also increased. In the months following the Xponential Show in New Orleans in 2016, many customers have enquired about individual services. "As a result, we have decided to offer these individual services internationally to our customers as an additional product from our company", explained Karsten Schudt, Managing Partner of 3W-International GmbH.

3W Engineering Services offers its customers a comprehensive service catalogue all around the development of individual drive concepts, the optimization of existing drive trains as well as the integration of drive systems in the UAS industry. Thereby the customers can rely on the more than 35 years of experience that the 3W-International GmbH experts have gained in the development of engines and their auxiliary systems.

One of the focal points is the design of individual drive solutions, including the subsystems, based on the customer specifications and the performance characteristics to be achieved. In the process, the 3W-International GmbH specialists not only undertake the hardware and software development, but also the development of the electronics including their manufacture. The prototype assembly together with the engine tests as well as the start of series production are likewise undertaken as the next steps.

In addition, the Hessian family business offers various engine tests for 3W and third-party engines on its test benches. These include not only the general performance measurements of combustion engines but also the thrust and power measurements, exhaust emissions analysis, engine indexing, endurance testing, blower, water and oil-pump analysis, purge image analysis, cylinder head measurement and load change calculation. EMC measurements and climate and temperature tests are likewise possible. The test benches of 3W-Internatinal GmbH can also be hired by customers on a daily basis.

Finally, 3W-International GmbH offers consultation during the integration of combustion engines into unmanned aerial systems. This, however, requires certain framework conditions. 3W-International has to be part of the project team, on the basis of signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Preparation of a requirement specification for project coordination and definition of the requirements with dedicated tasks is a must, too. Beside this, an early know-how- and consultancy-transfer regarding the integration of propulsion technology and individual components is needed.

Information about the 3W-Engineering Service will be presented by 3W-International on Stand 3131 at the Xponential Show 2017 in Dallas.

3W Engineering Services

3W Engineering Services


Visit us at XPONENTIAL 2017

3W International will introduce the latest developments in the field of 2-stroke and rotary engine technology made in Germany.

AUVSI has been the industry`s go-to organization for over 40 years. We are at an exciting inflection point today, where advancements in technology are allowing us to build upon our noble heritage of protecting citizens around the world. XPONENTIAL captures the potential of this industry and defines AUVSI`s commitment to you - now and into the future.

Feel free to visit booth 3131 at any time. Your contact person for PR requests is the head of Marketing, Florian Schildein. For a scheduled appointment please send an email to f.schildein@3w-international.com.



3W-International GmbH Presents the 3W-180 SRE Hybrid Wankel

The world first will be presented for the first time to the specialist audience at the XPONENTIAL Trade Fair taking place in Dallas (USA) in May. Thus, the German engine manufacturer is expanding its range of drive products for UAVs by a further engine sector. Just as the two-stroke engines already in use in the marketplace, the new 3W-180 SRE Hybrid Wankel engine can be fuelled by petrol or kerosene, too.

"In the past, many interested parties at trade fairs and congresses have asked us about Wankel engines" recalled Karsten Schudt, managing partner of 3W-International GmbH. For this reason, Schudt and his development team decided to expand the product segment with Wankel engine technology. In doing so, it was clear right from the start that the new engines had to fit in with the philosophy of 3W-International GmbH.

"We wanted a high-quality, fuel consumption-optimized engine which would demonstrate an outstanding power-to-weight ratio", recalled Schudt. The 3W-180 SRE Hybrid has 180 ccm and as a short engine weighs 6.8 kg. In the high power version, at 7500 rpm it delivers 38.5 hp (nominal power 28 hp at 6000 rpm). From this there results a power-to-weight ratio of 5.66 hp/kg, with a fuel consumption of 340g/KW at full load.

The weight rises to 9.5 kg when the engine is fitted with an electric motor (starter generator). The generator also charges the super capacitors which turn the Wankel engine into a hybrid drive. Super capacitors are well-suited to hybrid applications in aviation due to their weight and fast charging and discharging behaviour.

"We are very proud that we are able to offer our customers an additional service with this modern and sustainable technology which is available at short notice" Schudt was pleased to say. The hybrid Wankel engine can feed 15KW, depending on the capacity of the storage system, into the system for a time (for example, 30-60s). This additional power can be used when starting a helicopter or for the acceleration of a fixed wing aircraft. "Thus our customers always have a power reserve on call", confirmed Schudt.

The 3W-180 SRE Hybrid is equipped with two independent cooling systems. A water cooling circuit undertakes the cooling of the engine housing, a second, oil cooling circuit, undertakes the internal cooling of the piston. This is a fundamental prerequisite for a drive system in aviation applications for which continuous power is also a fundamental prerequisite. Here the thermal stability, which gives added value to the 3W-180 SRE Hybrid, is of crucial importance.

In a further expansion stage, the Wankel engine can also be equipped with two drive pulleys. Through the doubling of the swept volume, the power of the naturally aspirated engine is doubled to 76 hp in the high performance variant with a short weight of 10.5Kg. This engine variant is also intended as a hybrid version. In the future, a variant with a turbocharger which is primarily intended for height compensation will also be offered.

"We can also supply the Wankel engine as a complete drive unit similar to our two-stroke engines. This means that the customer receives the engine equipped with all additional systems completely in accordance with his individual requirements", explained Schudt.

In accordance with the engine philosophy of 3W-International, the 3W-180 SRE Hybrid can be used as a petrol or as a Heavy Fuel (HF) engine. As an HF engine, the fuels JET A-I, JP-5 or JP-8 can be used. "For the HF versions we provide high performance fuel injection which leads to a further reduction in fuel consumption", explained Schudt. For petrol operation, intake manifold injection is provided for the fuel injection.

At XPONENTIAL in Dallas in May, 2017, 3W-International will present the hybrid Wankel engine for the first time to the specialist audience on Stand 3131. "We are looking forward to being able to introduce a new engine to our customers which, from a technological perspective, offers unparalleled advantages in terms of fuel consumption, drive performance and reliability", said Schudt looking into the future.

3W-180 SRE Hybrid Wankel Engine

3W-180 SRE Hybrid Wankel Engine


U.T.SEC - Unmanned Technologies & Security | Expo & Conference

As the first worldwide platform to do so, U.T.SEC will be presenting in its entirety the future theme of unmanned technologies with the focus on security. The focal point is the technical and legal possibilities of increasing security. This also entails protection against unwanted entry by unmanned vehicles in civil, industrial and state areas.

3W-International will join the U.T.SEC with a presentation about advantages of Heavy Fuel (HF) engines in the field of sensitive applications.



3W-International GmbH joins Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt BW e.V.

3W-International GmbH joined Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Württemberg e.V. in late 2016. The Baden-Württemberg aeronautical network represents the interests of the aviation industry in Germany's south-west, serving as a network hub between business, science, politics, and society. Enhancing the global competitiveness of resident companies is the focus of the networking.

Besides personal communication and regular newsletters, the network's events and working groups enable the exchange of technological topics and challenges in the supply chain. Joint trade-fair appearances, business trips, and projects expand market opportunities and facilitate market development for member organizations.

'We hope for even closer contact with supply structures from the propulsion and aerospace industry, which we are already using to some extent. International trade fairs are interesting moreover because they enable medium-sized companies like us to bring a professional presentation to the international stage', says Schudt.



UAS West Symposium, San Diego

This exclusive symposium will be an invaluable opportunity that will enable attendees to obtain the latest information on the emerging UAS technical capabilities, needs, and challenges from key DoD, Government, and Industry UAS subject matter experts. 

3W-International will attend UAS West Symposium. For individual meetings please contact the German headquater.



6th Conference on Propulsion Technologies for UAV

Research and development activities in the field of UAV propulsion are constantly progressing and expanding in Israel and worldwide. The Conference will provide an opportunity to present and discuss advances made in the field. It will bring together researchers, scholars, policy makers, industrialists, users and others from diverse activities and backgrounds to address key issues of UAV propulsion.

3W-International will visit the conference. For individual meetings please contact the German headquater.



Mufflers Made in Germany Matched with the UAV Engine

With the advancing development of UAVs, muffler systems are moving increasingly into the focus of engine development. It doesn't matter here whether they are being used to increase performance or purely for sound-volume minimization. 3W-International GmbH recognized this development early on and began developing a series of in-house mufflers.

'We view ourselves not as a pure engine manufacturer but as a solution provider. That's why it was important to have the matching muffler in the portfolio for each engine in order to be able to offer a perfectly functioning, complete system to the end customer', explains Karsten Schudt, managing partner of 3W-International GmbH. Due to close co-operation with leading UAV manufacturers, it was clear early on that muffler systems would meet with a leading role in future.

3W therefore began in 2000 with the development of in-house muffler systems. The first systems were ready for serial production in 2002 and received both the German as well as the patent from the US. 3W mufflers use a type of turbine wheels that are installed permanently in a cylinder. The individual fins mounted on the wheels are queued up in defined angles. In this connection they are arranged in opposed directions depending on the angle. This arrangement smooths the exhaust gas's sound wave thereby reducing the exhaust-gas sound.

'Due to in-house development opportunities, we have matched each muffler with the associated engines. That means we offer a broad portfolio of mufflers whereby we can adjust the engines to the customer's needs', says Schudt. Special attention should be paid here to the muffler's volume for the engine. 'Otherwise the muffler diminishes the engine's performance. This shows up especially when the muffler is too small, because in these cases excessive pressure from the exhaust gases builds up in front of the actual muffler', explains Schudt further.

That's why engine-muffler combinations for each engine are sought that optimally exploit the muffler's efficiency without having to worry about the engine's performance diminishing in the process. The calculation here is based on the fact that the muffler’s volume must be 10 to 15 times greater than the cylinders' stroke volume in order to achieve an optimum muffler effect.

Once the right engine-muffler combination for the customer has been determined, the muffler must be adjusted to the specified spatial dimensions. 'This can often be a greater challenge than evaluation of the right muffler', says Schudt, who knows. For this reason, 3W-International GmbH is also offering to produce mufflers according to customer desire. In these cases, the mufflers are adjusted to the specified dimensions and spaces, with efficiency remaining the same.

Each year, 3W-International GmbH sells a variety of muffler systems from in-house production. 'Our experience enables us to very quickly offer our customers a very functional engine-muffler combination. For the customer, this means saving time and money in his development projects because he receives a finished solution from a single source', Schudt clarifies. 3W-International therefore assumes that demand for such combinations will increase further in future. Thus the company is preparing itself for continued and new development of muffler systems.


With more than 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and testing 2-stroke engines, 3W-International GmbH has developed and patented the newest generation of Heavy Fuel (HF) engines for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry.

The quality of 3W-engines consists of several factors. Technical expertise, long-term experience, tradition, and state-of-the-art production are the reasons for one of the highest qualities in the industry. 3W disclaims manufacturing abroad so customers can be sure every engine is German quality.

From R&D, prototyping, purchasing, manufacturing, and calibration to on-time delivery, 3W guarantees constant, permanent quality control. Every manufacturing step is traceable. The employees are personally responsible for fulfilling 3W-quality standards. Component suppliers and partners share those standards and guarantee these quality requirements.

3W Muffler

3W Muffler


INDO DEFENCE 2016 & Airshow China 2016

3W International will attend Indo Defence and Airshow China 2016 beginning of November. For individual meetings, please contact the German headquarter.



China UAV Summit 2016

3W International will attend China UAV Summit 2016 on August 25. For individual meetings, please contact the German headquarter.


3W-Powered UAV for Flights in Antarctica

At the end of February 2016, mechatronics lead Kevin Bass of Intuitive Machines and contracted pilot Mike Laible set off on a planned excursion to Antarctica. In cooperation with the UTIG (University of Texas Institute for Geophysics) and ICECAP (Investigating the Cryospheric Evolution of the Central Antarctic Plate) Intuitive Machines successfully flew multiple runs with a 3W-powered unmanned aerial vehicle platform, Tiburon Jr., on the coast of Antarctica.

Team with UAV TiburonJr.

Team with UAV TiburonJr.


Farnborough International Airshow 2016

3W International will attend Farnborough International Airshow from July 12 to 13, 2016.
For individual meetings, please contact the German headquarter.


Discussions at the exhibition focused on Time Between Overhauling

The management of 3W International GmbH looks back contentedly at this year`s participation at the Xponential 2016 in New Orleans. Aside from standard engines, the German engine manufacturer presented its complete drive concept to the North American specialist audience. In discussions with interested customers, one topic stood out: Time between overhauling (TBO).

"Our complete drive concept was well received by the visitors", Karsten Schudt, Managing Director of 3W International GmbH, confirmed. Aside from the small 1-cylinder engine 3W-28i HFE FI, the same engine was presented as complete drive system inclusive of all auxiliary systems. "This comparison illustrates what our development team, which boasts more than 30 years`experience, can produce for our customers", Schudt added. 3W International offers this concept for all Heavy Fuel (HF) and petrol engines.

In view of these development options, very concrete project discussions were conducted at the exhibition stand of 3W International. "We were able to show our interlocutors what our engineering and development capacities are. It was therefore only logical that customers discussed real project implementations with us," as Schudt reviewed. Time and again, the discussions returned to the topic TBO.

3W International specifies TBOs of up to 600 - 1000 hours maximum, depending on the conditions of use and the maintenance of the engine. In this context, the number of hours will depend on the areas of use and the RPM range. "If these engines are driven at moderate speeds and are serviced at regular intervals, these maximum performances are possible. Naturally, the time will be reduced if the engine is used in dusty desert climates or at permanent RPM range," as Schudt confirms.

However, the great demand for the TBOs to be reached also shows that the topic of efficiency is increasingly moving into the focus of UAV manufacturers and their customers. If TBOs are low, engine replacements and overhauls become necessary at short intervals. This comes with a significant disadvantage for both military and civil uses: costs increase. "Engines that lie idly at the workshop waiting to be overhauled fail to earn money, cannot be used in sensitive security missions and are also not available as replacement engines. Thus, they are completely unusable for the user at that moment," as Schudt emphasizes.

For more than 30 years, the family business has designed and manufactured internal combustion engines in the range between 2 and 62 HP. The company had its origins in model aircraft for which 3W developed the first internal engines. As model aircraft flying is a cost-intensive hobby, customers were interested in engine units offering a long service life early on. By now, this interest has also become a main concern for many civil, commercial and military users.

Ultimately, the TBO performance of the engines is an economic factor as high stocks of replacement engines and short overhaul intervals tie up invested capital. One can therefore expect that the TBO will play an increasingly important role for UAV manufacturers and their end customers in future as well. "I believe that we demonstrate with our engine quality what is technologically possible. Our customers benefit in that they obtain top-notch engines that secure their missions and make them successful", as Schudt concludes.

3W-28i HFE FI

3W-28i HFE FI


ILA Berlin Air Show 2016

3W International will attend ILA Berlin Air Show from June 1 to 2, 2016.
For individual meetings, please contact the German headquarter.



3W International introduces complete propulsion systems for the first time at Xponential 2016

German engine manufacturer 3W International is introducing its design for complete propulsion systems for the first time at the leading trade show in New Orleans. Moreover options will be introduced concerning special mounting plates for mounting different engines on the same engine chassis or the identical firewall.

"The market is demanding complete engine systems and individual solutions that nonetheless permit a high degree of flexibility", summarizes Karsten Schudt, managing director of 3W International, when asked about the results of the latest customer meetings. "That means customers are increasingly looking for engines with all of the auxiliary systems such as generators, starters, air-duct systems, engine suspensions, and silencer systems", continues Schudt. 3W International will consequently exhibit a complete propulsion system for illustrative purposes at the exhibit stand.

"We can deliver our engines to our customers ready for use. That means the engines are completely equipped and delivered with ECU, silencer, starter, generator, engine mount, and air-duct systems. We can also deliver the propeller if the customer so desires. The propulsion systems leave our factory in Hesse tested and are therefore "ready to use". The customer himself basically has to complete only three tasks: unpack, install, and take wing", says Schudt descriptively of 3W International`s complete-propulsion concept. Here every propulsion system is tailored to the customeras desires and needs.

"So we`ve got to work very closely together with our customers. This means that we must be involved in UAV development early in the project phase" Schudt clarifies. Because even if the customer decides in favour of a standard flight body, the application`s take-off weight and the flight performance depend upon the UAV`s application and performance targets. Engines featuring various performance capabilities, which are installed differently due to their weight and side, are therefore in part necessary with the same flight body. "So we`ve got to be involved early on in the project, because the entire propulsion system is tailored to the flight body and the customer`s wishes", explains Schudt.

This concept has been introduced to date only to customers in Europe and Asia. The response was quite positive, and the first orders were placed. It`s because the benefits are clear to see: In such a co-operation the propulsion system is optimally aligned with the aircraft but also with the intended use, and the customer can draw upon 3W International`s expertise and years of experience. "In this case the 30-plus years of experience of our developers from model building are paying off, because we know from that how we put engines, auxiliary systems, and the aircraft together into a unit that perfectly satisfies the customer`s needs", Schudt makes clear.

An additional possibility of the use of different engine types is specially developed engine support systems, which enable different engines to be mounted on one and the same engine chassis or on a firewall. "Some of our customers use one and the same UAV type for different application purposes. In that connection it happens that engines with different performance parameters also have to be used", explains Schudt. Different engines can in part be fastened thanks to the special mounting systems. Different engine types can thereby be used in the same flight body without big development projects.

"We repeatedly encounter great interest with these simple solutions in customer meetings. That shows us that the market is also increasingly moving in a field where increased efficiency, cost savings, and short development cycles are coming to the fore with the development of UAVs. Financial indicators and core data are becoming increasingly important when it comes to the development, construction, and use of UAVs. Our flexible modular-design system allows these individual customer needs to be optimally met. So 3W International will also continue to work on the concepts that accompany and support these developments on the customer side", says Schudt in summary.

3W International is located in hall 1, booth 567 at AUVSI.




3W International GmbH presents an expanded range of engines at AUVSI`s Xponential 2016 in New Orleans

3W International is exhibiting a portion of its engines for the first time in 2016. This is due to strong demand from the civilian applications area. All engines from 3 HP to over 60 HP can be provided with both carburettor and alternatively with electronic injection. Fuel consumption can thereby be reduced due to more exact consideration of all of the operating parameters. The power density can be increased through better mixture treatment and the engine`s regulation can be better controlled at various engine powers. This is especially true during warm-up.

Moreover the team from 3W International analysed the last trade fair and the conclusion was clear: the market demands complete engine systems. "That means customers are increasingly looking for engines with all of the additional systems such as generators, starters, cooling jackets, engine mounts, and silencer systems", confirms Karsten Schudt, managing director of 3W International GmbH. 3W International will exhibit a complete drive unit at the exhibit stand for illustrative purposes.

3W International is also introducing engines for hybrid applications in addition to the complete drive units. The hybrid drive has moved increasingly into the foreground in recent months. "Most of the inquiries here relate to the UAVs` commercial or civilian use", confirms Schudt. The internal-combustion engine takes on the most varied tasks in these cases. For one thing it can be used for vertical starts in which high performance is required depending on the application area. The internal-combustion engine is used in combination with a generator to supply power to the electrically driven rotors, which move the flight object after take-off. Furthermore the internal-combustion engine fills in when energy stored in the on-board batteries diminishes.

3W International is also introducing engines for hybrid applications in addition to the complete drive units. The hybrid drive has moved increasingly into the foreground in recent months. "Most of the inquiries here relate to the UAVs` commercial or civilian use", confirms Schudt. The internal-combustion engine takes on the most varied tasks in these cases. For one thing it can be used for vertical starts in which high performance is required depending on the application area. The internal-combustion engine is used in combination with a generator to supply power to the electrically driven rotors, which move the flight object after take-off. Furthermore the internal-combustion engine fills in when energy stored in the on-board batteries diminishes.

An additional exhibit completes 3W International`s exhibit stand. The customer PowerVision GmbH is exhibiting the DRAGONFLY DF M35 RAPS helicopter. PowerVision GmbH, with headquarters in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt a.M., Germany, is an internationally active company specializing in the development, production, and sales of RPAS helicopters. The DRAGONFLY DF M35 is equipped with the 2-cylinder, 14.5 kW, 3W-170 XiB2 TS CS flat engine with double ignition from 3W International.

3W International is located in hall 1, booth 567.



3W International is rounding out its online presence with 2-stroke gas engines

3W has now expanded its site by another engine group in addition to the previous heavy fuel engines (HFE). The German engine manufacturer is introducing part of its comprehensive 2-stroke gas engine program on the company’s reworked web site.

3W-110XI B2 TS

3W-110XI B2 TS


Hybrid concepts as ideal drive technology for commercial UAV use

Hybrid drives are familiar to most people from the automotive area where they`ve been used for years in private and community vehicles. However the hybrid drive is also moving ever more prominently into the focus of unmanned aviation where it brings interesting benefits for commercial usage. Conventional combustion engines play a decisive role here.

3W-56i B2 HFE FI

3W-56i B2 HFE FI



3W-International will visit the airshow in Singapore 2016. For individual meetings, please contect the German headquarter.



3W Provides Complete Engine Systems

The UAV providers market is growing continually. Especially civilian applications are increasing rapidly. UAVs development times are consequently diminishing. Suppliers must react flexibly to this development. 3W International now creates complete solutions for customers or supports them during development. The AUVSI 2015 event in Atlanta has shown clearly that the market is demanding complete engine.

3W-157xi B2 TS HFE FI Fan

3W-157xi B2 TS HFE FI Fan


Long-term tests verify the durability and the power range of 3W engines

3W International GmbH offers a wide variety of long-term tests for all engines. Since there are no standards or framework conditions for these tests, they are adapted and performed individually according to customer requests.

"Based on our engine test stands we are able to perform customer tests at any time", declared Karsten Schudt, Managing Director of 3W International GmbH. Three test stands are available for test runs.

Every single test stand is linked to a separate control unit. During an engine test, all parameters are checked and recorded by an independent computer system. Temperature, run time and RPM are monitored and fuel consumption is checked by weight, using a precision scale or the new micro fuel con-sumption meter. The 3W-standard test program can be modified to meet the requirements of the end user. Consequently some customers require the measurement of exhaust gas temperatures at a particular distance from the engine exhaust in the exhaust manifold, crankcase tem-peratures and in some cases also the intake air temperature.

To ensure the highest quality standards in the industry, 3W-Modellmotoren GmbH has invested in highly sophisticated measuring instruments. Aside from special tools for simulating crankshafts, Tesa and Keyence measuring instruments have been purchased. Vibration tests can be performed on 2 levels.

"Our customers require a wide variety of long-term tests. Consequently the 50-hour test for microlight aircraft is just as much in demand as tests of up to 200 hours. Basically however it is such, that the customer determines which parameters in which runtime are to be measured and recorded by us", elaborated Peter Wintrich, Managing Director and Head of Engineering.

After the test is concluded all tested engines are dismantled and inspected. This way increased wear and possible weak points are detected and can be eliminated through a modification to the design. The same applies for the operability and main-tenance of the engine, that are also examined during such tests. "In some cases, following the long-term test we have been able to determine, that due to modifications in the design the number of components on the engine could be reduced. Consequently we were able to reduce the future servicing work by the customer", explained Wintrich.

Because of the German safety regulations there must always be 2 persons on-site for such long-term tests. "Our tests are very extensive and coordinated to the customers. We can therefore not offer this service free of charge. However, after the test our customers have the certainty, that they receive an engine, that absolutely fulfils their demands in all areas", continued Wintrich.


Successful ISO 9001 recertification

High quality UAV engines made in Germany are the focus of the motor supplier 3W International. This corporate orientation has been confirmed now by the successful recertification of the production site.

"For us as a company this recertification is very important, "explains the managing director Karsten Schudt. The ISO 9001 defines the requirements for quality management. "Our customers expect the highest quality and flexibility from us. With these two features, we have earned a solid reputation. It is therefore all the more important for us that an external certification body certifies that we are still on the right track, "explains Schudt further.


3W-International will present mok-up of new 4-cylinder engine at AUVSI 2015

At the AUVSI 2015 in Atlanta, starting Tuesday next week, 3W-Interantional will present the mok-up of their new 4-cylinder engine 3W-440xiB4 TS HFE FI.

Mok-up of new 4-cylinder engine 3W-440xiB4 TS HFE FI.

Mok-up of new 4-cylinder engine 3W-440xiB4 TS HFE FI.


3W-International will present new 3-cylinder engine at AUVSI 2015

At the AUVSI 2015 in Atlanta, starting Tuesday next week, 3W-Interantional will present for the first time their new 3-cylinder engine 3W-102 STR 3 FI. The cooling of the engine has been improved on the newly developed engine. The engine has been fitted with a ring header, as a result only one muffler is required. The consumption of the engine has been reduced through the saving in weight.

The new 3-cylinder engine 3W-102 STR 3 FI

The new 3-cylinder engine 3W-102 STR 3 FI


3W Newsletter Issue 1/2015

We have launched our free Newsletter Service. Click on the Link below to read the first issue. If you are interested in getting our Newsletter at regular intervals please sign up at the end of this page.

3W International Newsletter

3W International Newsletter


3W International joins AUVSI´s Unmanned Systems 2015

AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2015 is the place to see the most comprehensive collection of unmanned systems for every domain - air, ground and maritime. Last year was a record breaking year, featuring more than 350,000 sq. ft. (32,500 sq. m.) of exhibit space, 600+ exhibitors and more than 8,000 attendees from over 55 countries plus 400 members of the press and media.

Please visit 3W International at booth 611.



3W-International with new Website

The new website of 3W-International is representing the company in a modern and innovative way. Beside detailed information about the Company the products and the service, the website is offering a wide range of information about heavy fuel and gas engines for UAVs. "The new website is part of our ongoing internationalization", explains the CEO of the company, Karsten Schudt.

Screenshot of the old homepage

Screenshot of the old homepage

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