Complete propulsion systems out of one hand

3W-Internationl introduce their individual propulsion concepts. All standard engines can be tailored regarding the customer specifications. The specifications are based on the used aircraft type, the required performance parameters or the fuel types. The engines can be provided with all auxiliary systems up to propellers.

Unpack – Install – Take off

The team of 3W-International has more than 35 years of experience in the development of engines and complete aircrafts and propulsion units.

This experience is based on the development of RC-models. Because of this the technical departments and the project management team is used in detailed planning of implementations and in the development of durable, high-quality solutions. Extensive technical know-how in integration of propulsion systems and the use of high-quality components guarantee a final propulsion concept, that will fit perfectly the demand of the customer.

It is mandatory, that the team of 3W-International has to be part of the customer project team from the beginning. 3W-International will help to define the requirement specification for the project. An early know-how- and consultancy-transfer regarding the integration of propulsion technology will help to develop the perfect solution for the customer, using a selection of appropriate individual components. Finally 3W-International will assemble and integrate the individual propulsion unit. An early cooperation is important to guarantee success.

Customer benefit

  • Access to more than 35 years of experience in propulsion technology for UAVs
  • Access to more than 120 standard engines (HF and gas)
  • Development of individual solutions beyond the standard
  • Solutions are developed on the basis of the customer‘s performance requirements by means of latest technology standards
  • Implementation of special requests
  • Outsourcing of development services
  • Short communication channels

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