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Fuel injection

All engines can be provided with both carburettor and alternatively with electronic injection.
The following benefits result from this:

Ensuring that the petrol supply system functions independently of position is particularly important when using piston engines in aircraft in order to be able to call upon the engine's full power during movements about the longitudinal or transverse axis.

Twin spark option

All engines beginning at 55 ccm can be delivered as a twin-spark (TS) version. Both ignitions work independently of one another here.
The following benefits can be achieved using the TS version:

Competition series

All engines are obtainable in the Competition series. Here the engines are optimized for performance enhancement. The transfer ports in the cylinder are modified and suitably reworked in the crankcase. The individual cylinders' compression is adjusted in multiple-cylinder engines. Compression is increased.
The following performance improvements result from this:

The Competition series's cylinders are painted with a highly temperature-resistant, metallic orange 2K engine paint applied in two coats.

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