Projekt 2014

3W-International and 3W-Modellmotoren

Based on interviews, discussions and telephone conferences with customers a trend for smaller UAVs. Reasons had been as follow:

  • Designed for special purposes
  • More cost effective
  • Easier to handle
  • Covering the increasing civilian use like: Aerial photography,Power-line inspection, Pipe-line inspection, Border control, Woodfire detection and monitoring, Search and rescue, Agricultural monitoring and spraying, Fish swarm detection, Natural resources exploration and much more.
  • Propulsion unit ready to build in
  • Multicylinder engine with a low vibration level to protect the onboard electronic
  • Effective muffler system to reduce the noise signature
  • Multi-Fuel-System, with low fuel consumption
  • Generator : 450W - 650W
  • Use of redundant systems to make it easier to get the certification of FAA

These are our ideas based on the conversations to realise:

  • 4-Cylinder flat engine , 2-stroke,air cooled
  • Capacity; approx.. 140ccm,with 11hp.
  • Reed controlled engine based on the design and experience of our existing model engine 3W-140iB4, but with a modified crankcase centre. Intake system will be installed on topand the exhaust system at the opposite side
  • Air coold using a fan wheel and shrouds designed to accept a box used for fitting the ignitions
  • Electronic Fuel Injection, using our modified ECU Type A with ERNI frontend and a redesigned fuel pump 400
  • Fuel Pre-Heating System
  • Multi-Fuel System using our patented HF system.
  • Jet A1 ,JP-5 , JP-8 and 2-Stroke gas/oil mix can be burned without recalibration of the system.
  • Generator 450W-650W. Engine prepared to accept generators
  • TS-Cylinder allowing a redundant ignition system for more safety is only one feature. In case 1 ignition system will brake down, the 2nd system will keep the engine running, loosing only 100-150RPM.
  • Spark plug connector is secured
  • Muffler system : Stainless Steel

We would like to get your opinion to see whether our ideas fit your requirements.Your comments and suggestions will help us to realise this project.

AUVSI 2013 - Tactical Tech TV:


3W-International GmbH is focused on providing the highest quality UAV engines, proven to increase reliability and reduce fuel consumption. With over 25 years experience in designing and producing 2-stroke engines, 3W has developed and patented a new generation of Heavy Fuel Engines for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry.

In collaboration with 3W-Modellmotoren GmbH, 3W-International GmbH signed exclusive contracts for the following:

  • Production and R&D of Heavy Fuel and gasoline engines
  • Purchase of 3W-Modellmotorens patents in Germany and USA
  • Sales & Marketing for the complete line of Heavy Fuel and gasoline engines to the industry worldwide
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