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Engine Types

  • 2.29 KW / 8500 RPM – 3.2 KW / 9600 RPM

  • 4,41 lbs (2,0 kg) – 5,06 lbs (2,3 kg)

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3W international 1-cylinder engine


  • 3.9 KW / 8800 RPM – 21.3 KW / 7250 RPM

  • 5,73 lbs (2,6 kg) – 28,66 lbs (13,0 kg)

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3W international 2-cylinder engine


  • 5.51 KW / 8500 RPM

  • 6.82 lbs (3.1 kg)

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3W international 3-cylinder engine


  • 9.17 HP / 6.74 KW – 14 HP / 10.3 KW

  • 8,53 lbs (3,9 kg) – 13.65 lbs (6,2 kg)

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3W international 4-cylinder engine




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30+ years of expirience in designing multi fuel engines



3W-International will visit the airshow in Singapore 2016. For individual meetings, please contect the German headquarter.

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3W Provides Complete Engine Systems

The UAV providers market is growing continually. Especially civilian applications are increasing rapidly. UAVs development times are consequently diminishing. Suppliers must react flexibly to this development. 3W International now creates complete solutions for customers or supports them during development. The AUVSI 2015 event in Atlanta has shown clearly that the market is demanding complete engine.

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3W-157xi B2 TS HFE FI Fan

3W-157xi B2 TS HFE FI Fan



Long-term tests verify the durability and the power range of 3W engines

3W International GmbH offers a wide variety of long-term tests for all engines. Since there are no standards or framework conditions for these tests, they are adapted and performed individually according to customer requests.

"Based on our engine test stands we are able to perform customer tests at any time", declared Karsten Schudt, Managing Director of 3W International GmbH. Three test stands are available for test runs.

Every single test stand is linked to a separate control unit. During an engine test, all parameters are checked and recorded by an independent computer system. Temperature, run time and RPM are monitored and fuel consumption is checked by weight, using a precision scale or the new micro fuel con-sumption meter. The 3W-standard test program can be modified to meet the requirements of the end user. Consequently some customers require the measurement of exhaust gas temperatures at a particular distance from the engine exhaust in the exhaust manifold, crankcase tem-peratures and in some cases also the intake air temperature.

To ensure the highest quality standards in the industry, 3W-Modellmotoren GmbH has invested in highly sophisticated measuring instruments. Aside from special tools for simulating crankshafts, Tesa and Keyence measuring instruments have been purchased. Vibration tests can be performed on 2 levels.

"Our customers require a wide variety of long-term tests. Consequently the 50-hour test for microlight aircraft is just as much in demand as tests of up to 200 hours. Basically however it is such, that the customer determines which parameters in which runtime are to be measured and recorded by us", elaborated Peter Wintrich, Managing Director and Head of Engineering.

After the test is concluded all tested engines are dismantled and inspected. This way increased wear and possible weak points are detected and can be eliminated through a modification to the design. The same applies for the operability and main-tenance of the engine, that are also examined during such tests. "In some cases, following the long-term test we have been able to determine, that due to modifications in the design the number of components on the engine could be reduced. Consequently we were able to reduce the future servicing work by the customer", explained Wintrich.

Because of the German safety regulations there must always be 2 persons on-site for such long-term tests. "Our tests are very extensive and coordinated to the customers. We can therefore not offer this service free of charge. However, after the test our customers have the certainty, that they receive an engine, that absolutely fulfils their demands in all areas", continued Wintrich.

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Successful ISO 9001 recertification

High quality UAV engines made in Germany are the focus of the motor supplier 3W International. This corporate orientation has been confirmed now by the successful recertification of the production site.

"For us as a company this recertification is very important, "explains the managing director Karsten Schudt. The ISO 9001 defines the requirements for quality management. "Our customers expect the highest quality and flexibility from us. With these two features, we have earned a solid reputation. It is therefore all the more important for us that an external certification body certifies that we are still on the right track, "explains Schudt further.

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