3W-International GmbH signs Distribution Agreement for Turkey

On the sidelines of the Xponential 2018 in Denver, the German engine manufacturer signed a distribution agreement with IHATEK Ltd. Effective from June 1st, IHATEK Ltd. will market and distribute the products of 3W-International GmbH, as well as those of Sky Power GmbH, in Turkey.

“We are looking forward to this strategic partnership. The team of IHATEK Ltd.  is involved in many Turkish UAS projects and has gained a great amount of experience in the Turkish market over the past few years. This is why IHATEK Ltd.  is the ideal partner for us,” as Karsten Schudt, Managing Partner at 3W-International GmbH, announced on the occasion of the signing of the contract in the USA. Gökhan Celik, Managing Director of IHATEK Ltd. adds: “The engines manufactured by 3W-International have an excellent reputation. 3W-International built engines are particularly suited for demanding projects that focus on efficiency, low fuel consumption and high TBOs.”

In addition to 3W-International engines, IHATEK Ltd. will also distribute the engines of Sky Power which were presented at the Xponential for the first time. “We will be working together very closely, as this is the only way to ensure that we can offer Turkish customers the best propulsion solutions,” as Schudt continues to explain. For this reason, the German engine supplier will also actively support IHATEK Ltd. on site. The development of service structures in Turkey is planned for the 2nd half of the year. “This will put us in a position to offer our customers consultancy, sales, maintenance and service as a one-stop supplier,” as Celik points out.

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“Propulsion units tailored to the customers’ needs are the future of engine development for UAS.”

European Security & Defence – Interview with Karsten Schudt, Managing Director of 3W-International

ESD: In 2009 you entered the professional UAS market with 3W-International. How has the market changed since then?

Schudt: At that time, the market was very clearly driven by military demand. The military recognised the utility of unmanned systems very early on and was also naturally a financier that invested in and advanced new developments — such as the Heavy Fuel engine. The situation has changed, because today many UAS are used for civil or commercial applications, which means that in addition to the state there are now also private investors who invest money in the development of non-military applications.

ESD: To what extent has this changed the business for engines?

Schudt: Back in 2009, our business consisted of selling 2-stroke engines. The customer was less interested in consultation, let alone in the engine’s adaptation to his application area, so we were basically a simple engine supplier. That changed a bit when we were asked to apply our expertise to developing Heavy Fuel engines, but the sales activity barely changed little. However, in the past two to three years, it has been possible to detect a pronounced change in demand and in our customers’ behaviour; that change goes hand in glove with civil and commercial applications. And now we’ve moved away from a purely sales business towards long-term project management, including pre-prototyping feasibility studies.

ESD: What are the reasons for these changes in the market?

Schudt: We are no longer purely an engine supplier; instead, we have developed ourselves into an expert partner for propulsion solutions based upon 2-stroke and Wankel-engine technology. Our customers are increasingly focussed on efficiency: UAS have to achieve maximum range with maximum payload and minimum fuel consumption. That is a balancing act, of course, and compromises have to be made somewhere, but it is ultimately about the propulsion being tuned to the customer’s needs. This means that we work very closely together with our clients, and become involved in the project early on so that we understand what our customers really want from us. So with our performance partner, Sky Power GmbH, we have developed an engine construction kit with which we can quickly visualise, engineer and combine the components to meet the customer’s equirement.

ESD: Please tell us more about Sky Power.

Schudt: We have commissioned Sky Power to be our performance partner. Sky Power’s function for us resembles that of a contract tuner for a car manufacturer – say, AMG to our Mercedes. Customer modifications, customisation, new developments and components, and the performance enhancement of 3W products are the goals of the partnership.

ESD: What role does Germany play as a site for such corporate developments?

Schudt: Germany is known for its engine technology, and “Made in Germany” is an important quality and sales factor. The quality of 3W engines stems from several factors, including technical expertise, long-term experience, tradition, and state-of-the-art production, and these contribute to one of the highest quality standards in the industry. From R&D and prototyping, to manufacturing and calibration, 3W guarantees constant and permanent quality control. Every manufacturing step is traceable, and employees are personally responsible for the fulfilment of 3W quality standards. And our component suppliers and partners share these standards and guarantee these quality requirements. 3W is opposed to offshore manufacturing; we will stay true to Germany as a company location and the business will remain in German hands – making us the only combustionengine

manufacturer in Germany in the UAS arena that is not owned by China. We are planning a massive product and service expansion in coming years. To do so, we need engine expertise and experience that we can only find, first-hand, in Germany.

ESD: What of the immediate future?

Schudt: We introduced the first hybrid Wankel engine in 2017, and will expand our product range based on Wankel engine technology. Issues such as improving efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, and using hybrid 2-stroke engines are both current and future topics with which we are occupying ourselves. And of course we shall continue to work closely together with our customers: propulsion units tailored to the customers’ needs are the future of engine development for UAS.

ESD: And looking further ahead?

Schudt: We very clearly want to expand our position as a leading supplier of engines, upholding the banner of German engine construction in the UAS area. Moreover, we see good opportunities for our Wankel engine technology to be used in remote UAS applications, for instance, as a range extender for electric mobility or purely as a small generator. But these are other markets that we’ll be looking at in the near future.


April 2018 · European Security & Defence – The interview was conducted by Stephen Barnard.


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3W-International’s performance partner Sky Power and A-techsyn are introducing the first Sky-Power-driven VTOL

A-techsyn — manufacturer of VTOLs, fixed-wing UASs, target-acquisition drones, and communications and autopilot systems — will introduce the first VTOL equipped with one of 3W-International-performance-partner Sky Power’s engines at Xponential 2018 as part of the 3W-Interntational exhibition stand. A SP-110 FI TS based on 3W-International GmbH’s 110 ccm model is involved here. The engine can be deployed both as vertical drive and for power generation.

A-techsyn Ltd. is a company from Shannon, Ireland, which has been intensely occupied in recent years with the development of UASs and the associated communication and flight systems. The CGT45-SLT vertical take-off aircraft was equipped with the retrofitted engine as part of the collaboration with 3W-International and Sky Power. “The CGT45-SLT has been used in Turkey for some time now. However, we were looking for a new engine concept in order to increase the range and pay load”, explains Gokhan Celik, managing director of A-techsyn. That’s why the Irish company contacted 3W-International. “The standard 3W-110i B2 TS engine’s performance parameters would also have sufficed, but ultimately the choice fell to the SP-110 FI TS from Sky Power”, according to Karsten Schudt, managing director of 3W-International.

The CGT45-SLT is a 4.5 m wingspan, T-tail UAV. It uses electric powered motors for take-off and landing and does not require a runway or catapult. The VTOL can take off from a table and land with high accuracy on a 5 m × 5 m surface. It is a composite airframe with 4 kg payload capacity. At the basic set-up, CGT45-SLT uses 3 separate communication systems for datalink, video-link, and the FPV. The datalink system operates at 900–922 MHz, FPV at 1.2 GHz, and the video-link at 2.4 GHz. The video-link uses IP communication and 128-bit SSL encryption to secure the data transferred. Video and data may be broadcast if desired. The CGT45-SLT has a 50 kg MTOW (including payload). It can be operated by only two people. The CGT45-SLT is controlled by A-techsyn’s flight controller AvionicsMini. This flight controller is using CAN BUS interface to communicate with the new ECU030 by Sky Power.

Beside the ECU030, the SP-110 FI TS is equipped with the new HKZ215 ignition from Sky Power too. “Thanks to the two new systems, the engine can be tuned exactly to environmental conditions as well as to the customer’s wishes”, explains Karl Schudt, managing director at Sky Power. The system has four ignition channels with two separately settable injection nozzles. Pump pressure is regulated electronically. A cold-start function of the engine is possible without further ado. The automatic controller adjusts the fuel mixture to the current cylinder temperature, air pressure, and exterior temperature. The high-performance HKZ system was developed for significantly greater ignition powers. The engine’s overall fuel efficiency is thereby enhanced and the exhaust values improved. “With the new ignition and injection system, we achieve better power performance in 3W engines, plus a significant reduction of fuel consumption”, explains Karl Schudt.

In addition to the CGT45-SLT, A-techsysn will exhibit its own autopilot, PilotUS, as well as further systems developed for its own flight systems, on the 3W-International stand during Xponential.

3W-International, Sky Power, and A-techsyn are located at stand 2210.

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